I was drawn to Trinity Energy Progression™ through the guidance of Archangel Ezekiel. He was one of my guides that came through to me in 1990.  Becoming a Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner has unleashed in me my highest power of the inner Divine and has allowed me to shine in brighter ways than I ever have dreamed possible. Self love is truly shining our inner love and light.

Through the practice of Trinity Energy Progression I have become the most authentic version of myself.  My abilities continue to expand as fear has been replaced by faith and knowing. I have the deepest respect, admiration and gratitude for Angela Coulter for teaching me to turn to my own higher self for answers as well as to continuously shine my inner light….with grace, ease, joy, laughter and fun.

In its simplest form, Trinity Energy Progression is the healing of Unconditional Love. I step into your energy field and brighten you up from the inside out. It’s that simple.

What I have found merging with the Universe…I am constantly expanding my own boundaries…confidently creating my own reality…and I am having a blast! The fun has just begun! To coin a phrase…I am limitless!

For full information on Trinity Energy Progression, including how it “came in” and what it does, check out the Trinity Energy Progression website which also includes a FAQ page and Testimonials.