Energy Sessions/Readings

As we step into the new age, we’re changing and shifting in the express lane! Many have asked what Trinity Energy Progression™ is, what it does, how it’s “different,” and why it is an important tool as we move forward… here are the basics!

Experience the new energy of completion/ascension:

  • Trinity Energy Progression will greatly accelerate you on your spiritual path
  • Re-connect with Divine Mother, Father, Child Energy
  • Release limiting beliefs, soul contracts, & energetic blocks
  • Assist your body to heal physical, emotional & mental pain
  • Re-member your soul’s original state of love, joy, balance & harmony
  • Re-align with your soul purpose through the power of unconditional love
  • Helps to enable us to truly see the light in everyone
  • Receive with minimal to no touch, seated, or lying down

Trinity Energy Progression is of a very high level vibration and does not require an hour on the table as do other modalities. The individual session will include a 20 minute discussion to identify specific areas that you would like to be cleared, dissolved or resolved; followed by an approximately 30 minute Trinity Energy Progression session and integration time, ending with a sharing of insights received.

Session Options:

Individual Session/Mentoring Sessions: $85 per hour
3 Sessions: $200

Schedule a Session:

If you’d like to meet in person, I am located in the Morris Plains, New Jersey area.   I also offer remote sessions through Skype or the phone, which are just as effective.

To schedule a session, you can pay via PayPal in advance, make arrangements to pay via check, or as otherwise arranged; and contact me with your availabilities.