Kind Words

“Amazing experience! I have never meditated before and it was easier than I expected. Debi confirmed what I always suspected…that I had many past lives connected to the earth. I always felt like I was a farmer in a past life. It was fantastic and amazing that my Aunt came through to me as well. The information that Debi gave me confirmed that it was indeed my aunt. She never could’ve known this information.”
     ~ Terri Sous

“Debi was a great catalyst in helping me to find my higher power using simple and intuitive techniques.”
~ AW

“I found this session to be very enlightening and uplifting. It was a way for me to connect to my grandparents as well as give me clarification on my connection to the universe. Often I find myself looking to the sky at night and feeling a disconnect and now I understand a little more as to why that is. I really enjoyed the guided meditation and the group prayer that we did. It was nice to feel the raise in everyone’s vibrations and the heightened self awareness. I would recommend Debi to anyone looking for some clarification or answer of some form. This was a great way to broaden my perspective on the spirit.”
~ Peter

“Debi was able to connect very closely to my most recent experiences without any judgement or pretention and made things very clear to understand.”
~ Andrew Michelson

“Debi’s group session was such an amazing experience. My entire body was vibrating the moment we started the meditation. I could feel the love and oneness within everyone in the room. It was also such an honor to see Debi channeling in my guides as well as others. Her messages were incredibly informative and I just felt in a state of pure love. I can’t wait to participate in the next one.”

“I went in with no expectations…. Overall it was an amazing experience that I would love to be a part of again. Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience this.”
~ Sam

“Your energy session was my first true experience into this entirely new realm of life and it was absolutely invigorating. It was totally awesome to listen to your connections and I really appreciated being able to take the writing home with me…. Overall a completely uplifting experience and I feel so happy right now just from all the energy and connections from the session. You truly have a gift Debi!” ~

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