About Debi

Debi WeinsteinMystic artist, spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, healing energy facilitator/instructor, angelic creator, wifey, mommy, non-judger, animal lover, bliss seeker, happiness ambassador, mah-jong- maven, teacher/student, hug enthusiast and friend.

My name is Debi and you can usually find me laughing, learning or creating something while in complete oneness with the You-niverse. I am happiest in the creative stream of consciousness with my angels, guides and Masters; and I am most “in the zone” when working on at least 3-5 art pieces at once.

I have come to recognize that I have always been connected to my angelic team even since I was a child.  They kept me in the light during some severely difficult physical, mental and emotional times.  My mother had Munchausen Syndrome and was Bipolar as well. I had chosen a childhood of extreme learning, which has served me well as an intuitive and healing facilitator.  I consider my mom one of my greatest teachers.

I began my “awakened” spiritual journey after a serious illness in 1995. At that point my “open-minded skeptic” days were over. I had experienced such profound connections with Spirit that I fully accepted and acknowledged the existence of my spirit guides who collectively called themselves “We Are Here” (WAH)….. I payed homage to their creative influence by incorporating the initials WAH into every art piece until 2014 when I changed the signature, as guided, to WAO, representing “We Are One”.

I enjoy being a light player and energy conduit. Although I have studied other healing and energy modalities, as guided, I now work exclusively in Trinity Energy Progression™. I stay open and allow all to come though me for the highest and best of each individual client. This openness allows me to be a very clear, expansive energy conduit to bring through and assist you in shining your very own light from within…. and ultimately teach you to remember how to empower yourself to do the same.

My artistic expressions (paintings, posters, photos, mosaics, etc) are created through Divine inspiration. As intuitively guided, each art piece, picture or poster has been infused with angelic energy and Trinity Energy Progression … using a combination of sound toning, Divine light and healing energy vibrations.